Fire safety education and outreach is essential.  The Foundation partners with key stakeholders as well as with the Fishers Fire Department to educate and train the public on weather safety, fire safety, CPR, and health promotion. This, in turn, helps strengthen our ties to the community.

October 13, 2017 marked the 50th Anniversary of Chief Bud Moulder, the Fishers Fire Department's only Line-of-Duty-Death (LODD).  An endowment fund has been established to help finance the Bud Moulder Memorial Scholarship fund.  To contribute, please go to our donation portal



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About the Fishers Fire Foundation

When one of our brothers or sisters experiences a crisis or life-changing event, the foundation steps up to help. We partner with community members and assist our members with needed resources to help them overcome their difficult time.

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Foundation relies on the generosity of community supporters to increase awareness of the work of the FFD.  The Foundation supports Fishers firefighters by providing programs to supplement city resources, provide for scholarships for the children of firefighters and help those families in need after an emergency. Our investment helps these men and women to focus and excel at their jobs.

The Fishers Fire Foundation has a long history dating back over 50 years, when it was the Fishers Volunteer Fire Department. First responders encounter various array of challenges including, residential and commercial fires, car and truck accidents, medical emergencies, and hazardous-material leaks and spills. Firefighters must endure searing heat, exposure to carcinogens, and other life-threatening conditions; our paramedics are rigorously trained to respond to all types of injuries, from heart attacks and strokes to accident-related traumas, shootings, and drownings.  

Through our community collaborations, we were able to breathe new life in to the Fishers Fire Foundation! Giving it a new name, look, online and social media presence. Our partnership and support from a local grassroots organization G.R.A.S.S. (Growers of Resources & Social Sustainability) has allowed us to continue in a positive and socially responsible direction. We have taken the pledge and you should too! 

​They are heroes, here to serve us....and the Foundation’s mission is to serve them.

                                                                          TAX ID: 51-0176991


It takes a strong person to sacrifice themselves every day to save the lives of others. Firefighters and their families make this and many other sacrifices right in our community.  It is important that we support our local Fishers firefighters by not only backing up the Fire Department, but the families of firefighters as well.